We want to bring a unique new experience in ice resurfacing, both in terms of operations and ice processing.”

Phaneuf International Inc. is a Quebec-based company that offers ice managers a fully automated, self-propelled electric intelligent ice resurfacer that saves them money in labor and energy costs, as well as a new way to regenerate ice in order to achieve optimal quality for all types of ice activities.

Phaneuf International's technological advances are also being used to develop an intelligent hockey goal system.

At Phaneuf International, our passionate staff, experience and, expertise allows us to bring you tailor-made solutions based on your needs, budget and, deadlines.



Support our customers, arena and ice rink managers, and contribute to the excellence of their services through our expertise and solid know-how in ice surfacing by offering them products at the cutting edge of ice science, robotization and energy management technologies.

We are passionate about finding solutions to:

  • Provide the best ice for all types of skaters and ice activities.
  • Meet the needs of skilled manpower for ice rink management.
  • Prevent work-related accidents.
  • Yield significant savings in the operational budget of ice managers.
  • Contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG).
  • Protect one of our most important natural resources: drinking water.



Integrity, commitment to our customers, innovation, excellence, health & safety, and respect.



To be the global reference in ice surfacing and modern arenas thanks to our innovative products and services and the passion of our team. Offer our customers innovative, robust, reliable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance products with a range of services of superior quality while improving ice surfaces, ice rinks, arenas and, overall efficiency.



Alain Phaneuf, Founding President of PHANEUF International Inc.

“I have spent the last 30 years working in Quebec's emergency departments as a firefighter, paramedic and police officer. For the past 18 years, I have managed work teams of up to 100 employees and I just retired at 49 years of age from the Sûreté du Québec. As a leader and company director, my years of experience will be put to good use thanks to a tried-and-tested recipe: planning, organization, management, control, respect for people, efficient teams and trust. A top-ranked athlete in long-distance triathlon (Ironman), I am disciplined, determined, passionate and well organized. I surround myself with competent people who share my values in all areas of life and business.

For the past twenty years, I have also been to arenas in Quebec and around the world to accompany my two children in their respective ice skating sports, one being a professional hockey player and now a high-level referee, and the other a member of the national short track speed skating team. All these years, I have worked with arena managers and ice management employees and I have been interested in the issues they face on a daily basis as well as the maintenance costs associated with this activity. I am very aware of the problems and needs of arena managers with regard to the maintenance of their ice surfaces, a unique domain. It also allowed me to develop a very wide network of contacts. I also do volunteer work, mainly for the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie and for the promotion of healthy lifestyles, a cause that is very dear to me.

Since May 2017, I have been working full time on my new innovative network that looks to the future and it is said that I have done a lot in a very short time.”



Pierre Jr Beaudet’s background and 35 years of experience as an ice technician and expert at Science de la glace (www.sciencedelaglace.com) bring credibility and trust to the table. Science de la glace is responsible for performing energy audits prior to customers’ purchases of a new ice resurfacer and making recommendations to improve their ice maintenance.

Mr. Beaudet acts as an expert consultant and official partner of Phaneuf International Inc. His experience as an arena manager is also put to good use. His valuable contacts and knowledge of the environment are invaluable assets.



We needed a franchise player; able to coach and pull the team in the right direction and attract other players, coaches, staff and owners as committed as him despite a busy schedule. As much in his personal, professional and academic life, he is as much an example and a model of determination, courage, determination, resilience as kindness and politeness. He is inspiring for all and beside him, nobody has interest in dragging their feet. A "ti gars" from Trois-Rivières, drafted, 2nd round in 1996 in the NHL by the Calgary Flames, 524 games played in the NHL including 266 with the Montreal Canadiens and A on his jersey, 108 points in total, 561 penalty minutes, a Jacques Beauchamp trophy (the 4th star), a big heart like the Bell Center, always ready to give everything for his team.
He is now a father, a spouse and a contractor in civil engineering. Available when time allows, he wants to give back to the young hockey players of the province, "pay it forward" as they say. Our number # 1 center player, our two-way ambassador who is not afraid of anyone and no challenge, our No 22 ......... Steve Begin
Only I go faster; with Pierre and Steve, we will go further!


Frédéric Wallman, member of Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec with a good experience in:

  • Design and modelization of aeronautical parts.
  • Follow-up and meeting with clients and suppliers.
  • Project management.

He is working presently as an engineer for Exprolink/Madvac and Phaneuf International. frederic@exprolink.com  



Jocelyn Milette, member of Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec with an extensive experience as factory manager and export. He is working presently at Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec. jocelynmillette@videotron.ca

Alain Verville, membre of Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec and President of Paprima Industries Inc, (world leader in state-of-the-art high pressure water jet technology for the pulp and paper industry). alain.Verville@paprima.ca

Sébastien Wille, CPA, CMA, accountant and associate at Deloitte- St-Hyacinthe. sewille@deloitte.ca

Geneviève Dion, Internal Communication at Hydro Québec. genevievedion@me.com

Jean-François Pellerin, member of Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec and account director at SKF Canada Limited (international bearing leader). Jean-Francois.Pellerin@skf.com

Édith Perreault, Coach at DEL accelerator, CEO of Affirma (consulting firm).  She is Alain Phaneuf'coach for marketing and communication strategies. eperreault@affirma.ca

Mario Giroux, B.A.A. specialized in financial commercial arrangement. mgiroux@amyotgelinas.com


Exprolink / Madvac

In the fall of 2018, in search of a strategic partner since the beginning of our operations, we signed a co-development agreement for our electrical products and, above all, a well-established manufacturer for the manufacture of our prototypes and finished products in commercialization. www.exprolink.com.