Our aluminium goals


Do you know the history of our new aluminum goals?

At Phaneuf, we first created a remotely guided goal to dance one day with our self-driving ice resurfacers. However, without our groomer to dance, this goal became obsolete.

Given the urgent need to prevent workplace accidents, we wanted to make a difference. During the improvement of our remote-guided goal regarding its heavyweight, the idea of creating an aluminum goal came up. Being 50% lighter than a traditional steel goal, it improves the working conditions of the goalkeepers.

The environment being at the heart of our values at Phaneuf, their aluminum composition allows them to have a much longer life span than traditional goals, thus contributing to sustainable development.

These goals are proudly made here in Quebec by our partner SBB. SBB specializes in the design of emergency towers and structures designed by aluminum extrusions. Their passion for innovation positions them as world leaders in the manufacture of aluminum products. Present in more than 55 countries, their international reach is an asset for the growth of Phaneuf International #teamphaneuf .

Did you order your goal pairs?

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Our automated goals


Equipped with a lightweight mobility module, an integrated inking system and a geolocation unit, the goals can be moved using a remote control offered.

Before and after a game of hockey or ringette, you can move them and anchor them to the designated places in just a few clicks!

This will allow you to move from one ice activity to another or store goals outside the ice easily and quickly.

In collaboration with Cloverdale Paint, we developed our own paint as well as a very rigorous application protocol and internal anti-rust to ensure that our goals do not rust and that the paint can no longer flake.

No more long hours tying the rope (girl) to the structure of the goal. Thanks to our ingenious inking hooks, you no longer need extra rope and it will only take you a few minutes to replace a rope. All this was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Profab 2000 and the CAMPI springs.

Based on a ten (10) year lifespan, you will need to budget less than $1 per hour of ice rental to complete Phase I of our Smart Hockey Goal System.

The purchase price of our Smart Goals will be 100% credited to you if you purchase our Phaneuf Freestanding Ice Resurfacer 


A solution to your challenges

  • No need for physical effort to move heavy conventional hockey goals and risk workplace injuries and accidents while on the move.
  • Goals are safely anchored using an integrated system that drills holes in the ice where an anchor rod automatically descends from the frame to attach itself.
  • Once the goal location information has been programmed into the system, an agent can easily move the goals with the mobile application installed on his phone or using the remote control.
  • The easily movable goals allow for ice surfacing during maintenance periods with a Phaneuf self-propelled ice resurfacer or a traditional resurfacer.

The intelligent technology used will soon allow other applications to be developed according to the needs of ice users. For example, confirmation that the puck did or did not cross the goal line.