Optimization through today’s means

The latest advances in the age of artificial intelligence allow Phaneuf International to offer a solution allowing energy management and optimization up to 15 to 30%, in harmony with the manufacture of ice and the comfort of the occupants, as a single ecosystem encompassing all of your facilities. This is not to mention the optimization of water consumption and the reduction of maintenance costs thanks to predictive tools allowing the reduction of your environmental footprint.

The method

To do this, energy models specific to your facilities are determined by experts using the algorithms of a specialized tool, used subsequently to process continuously, in conjunction with several fault detection rules, your energy data, your ice manufacturing parameters, as well as those of the mechanical systems in order to determine your optimal operating parameters and detect any abnormalities, then determine their causes, to identify the best actions to take to optimize your facilities, the vast majority requiring only small investments of time and money, and therefore to return very quickly.

Adapted monitoring tools

All of this information and actions are presented in dashboards accessible via all platforms and adapted according to the needs of each of the resources involved, thus enabling monitoring, optimization, management and continual maintenance of performance.

Looking forward to working together

A first analysis of the energy data and a short visit of the facilities are enough to quickly assess the potential gains, the investment possibly necessary in instrumentation and the subsidies available to you
plus offer a solution that allows you to operate your facilities to their full potential at the lowest cost, supporting you with an example of social responsibility.