“If you can dream it, you can do it. -Walt Disney

It is with this quote in mind that in 2017, our Captain Alain Phaneuf founded Phaneuf International with the vision of making history by transforming arenas all over the world.

After 30 years working in emergencies in Quebec, including 25 years as a police officer, he took his first retirement to realize his dream as an entrepreneur. A longtime taxi-dad to two of his children who are ice professionals, he has seen arenas all over the world and he has fallen in love with the problems faced by arena managers on a daily basis.

2018 - with various partners, a first specification for the Phaneuf autonomous ice resurfacer takes shape and an experimental proof of concept & a remote-controlled MVP goal are born.

2019 - thanks to the LED accelerator, our remote-controlled goals are named one of the ten inventions of the year by the magazine Québec Science. The secret development to protect our intellectual property of our ice resurfacer is progressing...

2020 - we are participating in CES 2020 in Las Vegas, our autonomous ice resurfacer concept is declared Quebec Innovation of the Year by the Planète Techno team of ICI Explora (Radio-Canada)… Everything was going so well, the investors were there, partnerships were multiplying and the arena of tomorrow was closer than ever… March 2020 Pandemic… No question of giving up, you have to move away from the high-potential startup and bring revenue to the company to be able to continue the R&D of our ice resurfacing machine. Move to Trois-Rivières and thanks to BGI ANALYTICS, we become an integrator of the DYBEE artificial intelligence solution; a first service we offer to arena managers to reduce their energy consumption: our energy-efficient solution was born. That year, our captain will receive a scholarship from ADN Montérégie for his determination. A symbol for the future and for all of Phaneuf's teammates.

2021 - we are accepted into Hydro-Québec's DTEC program with government assistance of $350k - Technological and commercial demonstration at the CCSSJ in Sainte-Julie of our energy-efficient solution and proof of concept of our automated conditioner - Our first reimbursements for our CIs arrive -SR&ED - With the participation of SBB aluminum innovation our remote-controlled goals become traditional goals 100% aluminum 50% lighter than those in steel and above all a market to conquer of 140M$ in America alone.

2022 - to meet a crying need for the new Trois-Rivières Coliseum and the ECHL Lions, a franchise player joins the team... Mr. François Martindale with his 30 years of experience in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings… All dreams become possible again and the big doors of the small world of hockey open for us - Sales of aluminum goals in twenty arenas in Quebec - Sale of our energy-efficient solution with recurrence in four arenas, always in Quebec, but with a model that we can repeat in all the arenas of the world to prepare them to welcome our autonomous ice resurfacer. - Explo 13 of EspaceInc with IDETR - Acceptance to the Immigrant Investor Program (PII) of Investissement Québec with Desjardins ($75k) – Confirmation of the interest of IQ Mauricie and IDETR to invest in Phaneuf - Finalist Mercuriades 2022 with our aluminum goals in the "Occupational Health and Safety" category by the CNESST.

2023 - the team is growing - the repechage is flourishing: in addition to François Martindale and Sophie Jenkins, join the starting line-up Loïc Lessard Paquette, Jean-Philippe Monfet ing., Loic Vorteman and Julien Proulx. And the latest recruit, Patrice Girard. Letter of interest IDÉ Trois-Rivières equity loan ($180k) and non-refundable grant ($20k). Signature of a first distribution agreement in Quebec for our aluminum goals with Distribution Sports Loisirs. Contract with a distributor in Ontario covering America Pro Net Sports LTD and the official supplier of thé NHL. Market research for California. Resumption of a "pre-seed" funding round.


Phaneuf International Inc. eco-smart solutions improve the arena experience while reducing operational costs.

Phaneuf International innovates by creating the very first aluminum hockey goal.  Being 50% lighter than a traditional steel goal, it improves the working conditions of goalies. 

The environment being at the heart of our values at Phaneuf, their aluminum composition allows them to have a much longer life span than traditional goals, thus contributing to sustainable development. 

These goals are proudly made here in Quebec by our partner SBB. SBB specializes in the design of emergency towers and structures designed by aluminum extrusions. Their passion for innovation positions them as world leaders in the manufacture of aluminium products. Present in more than 55 countries, their international reach is an asset for the growth of Phaneuf International  #teamphaneuf. 

In addition to aluminum goals, we’re trying to make a difference with our energy efficient solution. The latest advances in the age of artificial intelligence allow Phaneuf International to offer a solution allowing energy management and optimization up to 15 to 30%, in harmony with the manufacture of ice and the comfort of the occupants, as a single ecosystem encompassing all your facilities. This is without counting the optimization of water consumption and the reduction of maintenance costs thanks to predictive tools allowing the reduction of your environmental footprint.

The newest service at Phaneuf: ice quality services. We are fortunate to work with the incredible François Martindale, who has many years of experience in the arena field, including for the Montreal Canadiens. 



At Phaneuf International, we never give up. In addition to finding the most innovative and sustainable solutions, we are committed to doing everything we can to make them happen. Because we care about the community as much as we care about the planet.

We offer customized, eco-smart solutions that enhance the arena experience, facilitate eco-responsible operation and increase profitability. Our vision is to transform arenas into more eco-smart places around the world.

Our mission at Phaneuf International is to accelerate the eco-responsible transformation of arenas to ensure their sustainability, by leveraging our Canadian experience and expertise in ice sports.


« We want to ensure the sustainability of arenas for future generations. »