Energy efficient solution and digital signage

BGI Analytics : Developer and supplier of Dybee software. This software enables the acquisition of operating data, production of comprehensive and automated diagnostic reports as well as fault detection. This partner is a key player in our energy efficient solution.

Groupe Alphard: An energy-saving consulting engineering firm, Groupe Alphard is our engineering partner for our energy-efficient solution.

Aluminium Hockey Goals

SBB: The SBB company is our partner for the manufacture of our aluminum goals. Leader in the design of emergency towers, measuring masts and structures designed by aluminum extrusions, they are in more than 55 countries. They agreed to join us in the aluminum goals project and put their expertise and knowledge at the service of the safety of arena workers.

Antoine Roussel: Former NHL player, Antoine decided to join the Phaneuf aluminum goals adventure as an ambassador. Well aware of the risk of injury with steel hockey goals for players and workers, Antoine has made it his mission to promote the solution of aluminum goals to drive innovation in arenas around the world. .

Cégep de Trois-Rivières: The Cégep de Trois-Rivières, through these logistics students, collaborate with us to develop the various logistics options for transporting our goals in North America.

Carrefour Québec International (CQI): The CQI is Phaneuf's partner for the export of these aluminum goals all over the world. Through these various market studies, this partner facilitates the export of our aluminum goals to new markets.


Eco-smart ice resurfacer

M’Pact : M’Pact provides dynamic signage to highlight, in particular, energy efficiency data, activity calendars and arena self-promotion. It is a pioneer and innovative digital signage company in Canada.

MTT Technology: The MTT is an ideal green vehicle for nature walks, transporting materials and power supply in remote locations. We will use this vehicle to allow our resurfacer to move around the rink.

Innovative Vehicle Institute: The Innovative Vehicle Institute is the benchmark for transportation electrification and automation. He is our partner for the automation of our surfacer prototype.

Center for Advanced Technologies (CTA): The CTA is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the engineering of vehicles, their complex systems and their components. He is our partner for the development of our surfacer prototype.

Inédi: INEDI is a college center for technology transfer (CCTT), integrated into the Cégep de Lanaudière in Terrebonne, whose area of ??expertise is industrial design. He is therefore responsible for the industrial design of our resurfacing machine.

Mcgill University: In 2023, in collaboration with the Phaneuf team, mechanical engineering undergraduate students from Mcgill University developed the knife and wash water pump automation module of our resurfacer.

Motsai : At the heart of the technological development of our ultrasound sensors for ice assessment. These sensors will be the basis of the Ice Protocol project. Motsai provides smart sensor product development and technical consulting services.

Noovelia : On the Noovelia side, they are responsible for the design of the self-guided vehicle (AGV) for the self-driving resurfacer. Expert in automation, Noovelia was born from the merger of Epsilia, Divel and Pluritag in 2019 in a unified offer strategy for their customers.


Our proud partnerships