Electric, automated and self-propelled

At the cutting edge of technology, the Phaneuf ice resurfacer is 100% electric and self-propelled (no operator). The operations of the new conditioner are fully automated and remotely programmable. Equipped with an automated mobility system based on the science of geolocation and machine vision, the resurfacer moves on the ice according to established parameters thanks to an easy-to-use central electronic management system.

The Phaneuf ice resurfacer is ideal for indoor ice surfaces as well as outdoor ice surfaces that are refrigerated, striped and covered.

Treats ice surfaces and provides accurate data on its quality

Equipped with an intelligent ice analysis system linked to a central system, the Phaneuf resurfacer doesn’t only treat the ice at the superficial level, unlike traditional resurfacers on the market. Our resurfacer optimizes ice quality by surfacing it after each use and by treating the ice surface at a deeper level every day.

While moving on the ice, the Phaneuf ice resurfacer reads the various ice data and sends it to the central management system in order to make optimal ice processing. Its intelligent management system adjusts the ice surface according to various parameters, including ice surface temperature, density, hardness, level of moisture, ice surface wear and thickness, ambient environment and the amount of snow on the ice rink.

This data allows the Phaneuf ice resurfacer to:

  • Establish and calibrate the right amount of water to use when surfacing
  • Adjust the water to the right temperature according to the wear zone and the ambient environment
  • Remove the right amount of ice to obtain a smooth and even surface
  • To obtain an even smoother ice surface without cracks
  • To delay or even prevent the aging of your ice

All these parameters can be adjusted according to the type of activity practiced on the ice.

The data is captured electronically and provides real-time and time-based information on ice conditions. Hence, with this data, it is much easier to develop a scientific ice maintenance protocol adapted to each ice rink.

Valuable and concrete information that helps the ice rink manager to ensure the maintenance of his rinks more efficiently and save on operating costs while offering more suitable ice for all types of customers.

Since the Phaneuf ice resurfacer management system is computerized on a secure cloud platform (on a cloud server), data and surfacing program programming can be done from any computer with a protected user name and password.

For managers with different sites, management can, therefore, be done remotely with the help of our scientists, ice specialists, and IT team.

Smart ice technology

This revolutionary smart ice management technology is the result of a collaborative effort with our partners.

With many years of experience in buildings energy optimization, mapping ice surface and field experience, we boast in-depth knowledge of technologies and scientific principles tested in laboratories.

A revolutionary solution with great advantages

Not only is the Phaneuf self-propelled ice resurfacer 100% electrically and mechanically driven, thus addressing the disadvantages associated with propane gas and hydraulics, it also provides optimal ice quality and multiple tangible benefits:

  • Tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings for ice rink managers.
  • Less time required to rebuild the ice in due course: this resurfacer treats the iced surfaced 24 hours a day without the need for a driver or operator.
  • Improved air quality in ice rinks due to the resurfacer being 100% electrically operated.
  • Millions of liters of drinking water saved per year.
  • A source of motivation and development for the workforce in charge of ice rink management.
  • Offers superior quality ice daily as on the first day of the season and tools to quantify and qualify the ice.
  • Give users more ice time at a lower cost.


The Phaneuf ice resurfacer reduces operating costs considerably.